How to Check If Your Firewall Ports are Open Correctly for Cellica Database WiFi?
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To sync data on Cellica Database Wi-Fi application with mobile devices, It is necessary that required port is open on your Windows PC where Cellica Desktop component is installed.

For iPhone/iPad/iPod :

For Android:


If you have a firewall enabled on your PC, please ensure that you have added required port in your Firewall. Default Ports for Cellica Database WiFi are: For Personal edition: 8585 and Enterprise edition:8787.

Allow this port to be open for Relay node executable which is “CellicaDBWFRelayNode.exe” for Personal Edition and     “ECellicaDBWFRelayNode.exe” for Enterprise Edition.  This Relay node Executable is available in “Desktop Files” Folder on installation path.

Try to sync from device, if problem occurs then follow the steps given below to make sure that the firewall port is opened correctly.











How to Test connection settings in Cellica Database WiFi

1]  Install “Telnet” By ClockworkMod. Search “Telnet” in Android Market/Play Store on your android powered phone/tablet. 



2] Once installed, Open “Telnet” application on your android device.



3] You will see the following screen, Enter IP (in first text box) and port (in second text box).

 E.g. a)  For Personal Edition default port is 8585  



b)  For Enterprise Edition default port is 8787  


After specifying IP Address and Port click on “Connect to Server” button to test connection.


4] If Firewall port is opened correctly, you will get response as follows.



Otherwise, error message will be displayed as follows.


If you see the error, then please work with your network administrator or firewall vendor to make sure that the port is opened correctly.

If you are able to connect as shown on previous page, and still the data is not syncing, please send logs from both desktop and device to describing the issue.

Desktop logs folder path(Please zip this logs folder and then send it to suport)

"C:\Program Files\Cellica Database (Wi-Fi)\Desktop Files\Logs\"

Send log from Android Device using "Send Log" menu available on home screen of Cellica Database(Wi-Fi).

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