Why I am getting a message, "No Desktop Found" whenever I try to synchronize from Cellica Database Device side application?
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You will get this kind of error in the event of following circumstances

  • Desktop application for Cellica Database is not installed
Cellica Database application consists of 2 components. One is device side Cellica Database application and other component needs to be install on a PC where desktop database is present. In case if you don't have desktop component installed for your device, this error do occurs. Download and install appropriate desktop component of Cellica Database application from
  • Entered wrong DeviceID/UserID while installing Desktop Cellica Database application
You need to enter Device ID (Personal Edition - or UserID (Enterprise Edition, provided by Cellica) while installing desktop component of Cellica Database. In Enterprise edition while adding user provide correct DeviceID. If it is entered incorrectly while installation, you will get "No Desktop Found" message.
  • Installed a wrong version of desktop component of Cellica Database application
Cellica Database comes in 3 versions.
  1. Cellica Database
  2. Cellica Database (WiFi)
  3. Cellica Database Anywhere

All three applications have separate desktop application and native device application. You will face error if you installed wrong combination of the device and desktop side applications. Just make sure you have a proper version of Cellica Database on both device and desktop.

  • Entered wrong connection info in device side Cellica Database application
  1. Wrong IP and Port:

Cellica Database( WiFi) ( Personal/Enterprise Edition) - For this version you need to enter Desktop IP and Port for Cellica Database as shown in the desktop application in device side application's settings.

   2. Wrong Desktop Name:

Cellica Database ( Enterprise Edition) : While setting up enterprise edition, you need to enter UserID provided by Cellica in settings of device side application. It is very important to correctly enter the UserID for proper connection between Desktop and Device component of Cellica Database.
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