How Advance/Smart Profiles in Cellica Database (Enterprise Edition-Wi-Fi/Anywhere)application Works?
Posted by Cellica Support Team on 06 August 2013 07:43 AM


You have a database in which there are records for different area codes. You have deployed devices in fields and you want to send filtered record set to each device according to area’s they assigned and also form to use this information on device. How to achieve it?



Using normal profile creation scenario:

In this scenario, user needs to create separate profile for each device and need to apply filter(s) according to area type while profile creation time.

Also each device needs separate form for using this information on their devices. So if user has 5 devices then he need 5 different profiles and 5 different forms to implement above scenario.


Using Advance profile creation feature

                Advance profile creation feature overcome this repeated work. We have merged the overhead in single operation.

Now Administrator can create single profile for all users/devices and can assign what dataset to be sent to individual user/device by applying custom filters. So there is no need to create individual profile for each user. Also single form can be used for multiple devices (of same resolutions) instead of deploying separate form for each device.

Please find the document at following path for detail information about how advance profile creation feature works in Cellica Database application.

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